Bunny Proofing Your Room

Bunny Proofing

Owning a bunny is supposed to be tremendously joyful and a very cute experience. However, if you want to protect your home (and your deposit) listen up!

Whilst buns is pretending to be all sweetness and light, underneath they are absolutely and unashamedly chew monsters. Whether Bugs is supervised or not they will joyfully have a quick nibble on:

  • Carpets
  • Skirting Boards
  • Soft furnishing
  • Curtains
  • Wires

If you a thinking about owning these household terrors (or if like us, you already have one), here are some tips to keep you (and your fur baby) safe.


Restrict Their Movement

Seriously, you do not need to give your rabbit the whole house to play with. If you stick to one room, they will be perfectly happy binkying around and stretching their legs. The general rule of thumb is, if you can’t see them, then they will be getting up to mischief!


Prevention Is Key

The common advice to protect your wires is to put cable covers on them. To be honest though, if you’re not careful, buns will quite easily gnaw his way through this and quite possibly electrocute himself on the cable beneath.

Before you get your bunny up, assess your room for the danger areas (as listed above). The safest thing is to prevent access to these areas from the get go. For these, we’ve found using dog pens work wonders (see picture) as they not only do the job, but they are so easy to fold up and store.



Like all of us, what goes in will come out, and when your bun is up and about, it is staggering at how much one little animal can produce. If you have tiled or laminate flooring this isn’t necessarily a problem so long as you clean the mess up quickly.

Carpets though are a whole different ball game. You will have to take extra measures as not only does both the poop and tiddles stain but your bun might be inclined to take a quick nip at the carpet fibres when you’re not looking.

For this, there are two things you can do. Firstly cover the areas of your carpet that are the Buns favourite haunt. We cover ours with both plastic carpet runners and (as pictured) a plastic mat normally used to protect carpets from office chairs.

The other thing you can do is ‘toilet train’ your rabbit. We use (pictured) a blue plastic corner shaped potty, it goes in his hutch during the day, and at night when he’s out and about, we’ve simply put his potty in the space where he normally goes. Since then, he’s knows himself to do all of his business in this one place.


An Occupied Bunny Is a Well Behaved Bunny

When your rabbit is let loose in the Living Room, make sure you give them plenty of things to do. On the market now you can buy tents, tubes and all sorts of toys for them to play with. As Christmas is coming, cardboard boxes and packing paper makes ideal things to chew on so before these go in the recycling boxes, why not let your bun have some fun with these first.


Landlord Friendly

If you take the measures as suggested above, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your favourite furry friend, keep your Landlords home bunny damage free, and incur no financial penalties because of your pet at the end of your tenancy.

Be a responsible pet owner and be proactive in ensuring your bun doesn’t get the slightest opportunity to have a quick nibble on the Landlords lovely floor length curtains or freshly painted skirting board.

When your bunny is running free, have eyes like a hawk and anticipate any areas you might have missed. If you don’t then we will guarantee you that your bun will find them for you!

Bunny Proofing



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