The National Association of Inventory Professionals was established with the sole purpose of raising standards throughout the inventory industry.

The process of compiling a comprehensive inventory, checking in and out a tenant, and producing a check out report which both reflects the changes between the check in and check out date but also itemises who is responsible for ensuring the property is returned back to it's original condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) should be at the same highly detailed and professional standard, whether you are an Inventory Clerk, Letting Agent, or Landlord.

By displaying the NAIP Logo, you are highlighting to your Tenants, Landlords and Letting Agents that:

  • Your inventory does not simply describe items in generic terms.
  • You know that a bath should not be listed as just  'bath' or 'white bath' but 'White plastic bath, matching side & end panels, 2 chrome grips, chrome mixer tap, matching heads, plug, chain waste
  • Your inventory does not simply describe the condition of items within the property.
  • You know that stains on a carpet should be listed as:  x3 2 inch red circular stains to the left hand side of the radiator
  • Your check out reports are not a replica of the inventory, they are a separate document which only highlights the changes
  • Your check out report highlights who is responsible for the changes highlighted, whether it is a tenant liability, landlords maintenance (or information for landlord) or fair wear and tear
  • Your check out report may also suggest compensation figures to assist with a fair resolution
  • You are aware of and use where appropriate both the NAIP provided and industry accepted Description Formula and Compensation Formula 

Displaying the NAIP Logo demonstrates that you are committed to providing Inventories and Check Out Reports that are of the highest quality for detail, accuracy and impartiality.




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